Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yep... with our busy schedule this weekend, we sure made time to stop by here, the car junkyard! Sadly, we did not find what we were looking for. :( Maybe next time, maybe at another junkyard. Le Sigh. Also saw a Flea Market on the way out to the junkyard... I wanted to check it out, but time did not allow as we had too many things going on that day. For sure next time. :)

Anyway, I am almost done with Christmas shopping. Whew. That just means, I can maybe, just maybe squeeze in some sewing/crafting.... if I am not lazy. Speaking about lazy. . . I think I am going to get some shut eyes. We was driving everywhere this weekend for parties... Northbound... and Sounthbound... I thinks my Babes is already zzZZzZZzz. I'm 'bout to join him. :) Good nights and have a lovely week!! :)


Carla said...

Cool pics. You looking for something for the green car? I thought I was going to get closer to getting done with my shopping today but then James had to act like only James can and we had to leave the store. Will try to squeeze it in this week when they go to dad's house.

Janna Renee said...

My hubby loves the junkyard!