Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's looking a lot like Christmas!

We are getting beyond nine inches of snow, north of the Twin Cities! This is the Minnesnowda I know! As much as I love this, I sure hope the roads clear up by tomorrow morning otherwise, that drive is going to be d r e a d f u l. As I mentioned in my previous post, please, please drive with extra caution. It's scary to see friends/family post photos on Instagram and Facebook of cars in the ditch, even saw a photo of a car tipped over! Yikes! And yes, that last photo is of me... Where I stood, after I shoveled the sidewalk, both front and back of the yard... and the deck. =) It was pretty warm, not all that cold. And yes, I did wear a pleated jean skirt with leggings under... I might be crazy. Beware. And don't say that I never told you so. Would also like new snow boots. Yes sir!

Can't wait for the hills... snowboarding and sledding, here I come!!!


Gina Norman said...

isn't it CRAZY how much glorious snow we got today!? I love it it's so beautiful! I don't like driving in it, but boy there is something so soothing and magical about it.

jessica renee said...

The snow looks amazing!!! and your house looks so cozy and cute. Enjoy it!