Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I have some time to kill. . . : ) (Yay!) I found this on Janet's blog. We are linking up with The Simple Woman’s Daybook today. : )

Time: 8:56 PM
Location: Home Sweet Home

Outside my window – Three sets of footprints in the snow. . . the mailman, a squirrel, and the third, I do not know?!

I am thinking – school. How I cannot wait for the semester is over with as towards midterms it becomes a drag and I start to get bored. Ugh.

In the kitchen – I like me a clean kitchen (overall, clean house). However, on the kitchen table is a bottle of cold medicine. My sweetheart has been sick. So, I will not go bananas about this odd thing on the kitchen table.

I am wearing – underwear, one of B’s sweatshirt, and my sparkly slipper boots.

I am creating – tomorrow’s meal plan as for crafty-ness, nothing currently. Boo.

I am going – to put away the rest of the laundry then lay on the couch with my sweetheart and watch football! :)

I am wondering – why when I share some things with certain people, they have to twist it and turn it so negatively. It was not my point.

I am reading – blogs. No books, just textbook.

I am hoping – that plans fall nicely together! : )

I am looking forward to – my parents coming home from their vacation. Not that I want it to end early, but for their safe homecoming and to hear all their stories and see pictures of another successful vacation.

I am learning – to let things go. I do not need so much clutter.

Around the house – is pretty clean, quiet, and cozy.

I am pondering – about this whole fake Christmas tree thing. B and I agreed on no Christmas tree this year, but seeing it all up at my family’s homes made me want to put one up, even if So, this year, I am getting a tiny fake one. I am very nervous about it. The past nine years, we’ve had real ones. Eeeks.

A favorite quote for today – “Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else.” –Judy Garland

One of my favorite things – Getting French bakery goodies then going for a walk around the lake (of course with my sweetheart).

A few plans for the rest of the week – Get my final project for class started. Get Christmas decorations up. Start Christmas shopping.

A peek into my day -
One of my find for the day from the thrift store. Cute little deer :)

Alright. Have a goooooooooood night! :)


ZeldaMom said...

Yay...a fake tree isn't so bad. We had one for years, but stored it in the garage, and it appears I am allergic to garage dust, but more likely, mice and or squirrels. Now we get a 6' Balsam and stick it in the yard for the birds right after Christmas. Good luck with school, B - get better soon. I hope all is okay with your parents and their vacation too. Good night!

allisamazing said...

Enjoy your tree :) and your little reindeer is adorable!