Friday, November 2, 2012

Linked 52: Texture

I am so ready to slip into my sparkly slippers and relax for the evening. . . This week, I have been in bed and out by 9PM!!! That is pretty darn early! This is just not right. Have tons of things running in my head. . . tons. Makes me wish, I could put 'em on and disappear. Sound familiar? (Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz). *Sigh* But these slippers, they feel so good over my feet. They are soft and makes my cold feet, warm.

Alright, be sure to check what these ladies have for "texture." ♥ Carla, Stacey, Tracey, Heather, Kristin, Janet, Amanda, Rose, Tracy, Rhonda, Lena, Heather A., Veronica, Heidi, Liza, Jenn , Kristi, & Hanne


Amanda Kelley said...

Oh...super fun post! I love your reference to Wizard of Oz. Which reminds me, I think I am WAY overdue for watching that movie.

I love those fuzzy slippers. I have a few pairs of them myself, but I am banned from wearing them around the house since the puppy thinks she needs to chew eveything. Maybe she will be done with the chewing phase by the time snow falls.

Suzie Q said...

I love cute slippers to wear around the house and these are perfect! Love the sparkles.

Suzie Q
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Carla said...

I would like those cute slippers on right now. I love wearing slippers in the winter. :)

Hanne said...

nice slippers! love slippers, too or hand knitted socks!
have a great week jean!

ginanorma said...

these are the darlingest most cozy looking slippers ever, such a cutie pic:)

glad it was an early evening for you...what do you do for a living?

Martina said...

how cute is that you refer to the Wizard of Oz?? lovely post, it's the season of cozy and comfy slippers! yayyy!xx

Tracey said...

LOVE me some cozy slippers!! Don't blame you for getting in bed early. This week I could barely keep my eyes open too!