Thursday, November 1, 2012

Amanda + Jim


When I heard how Jim proposed. . . OMG! So romantical and sweet! He proposed at that bluff in Red Wing. So, if you have been to Red Wing, MN... Barn Bluff.

Amanda is a total sweet heart. I trained her in my Preschool class, maybe a little over a year ago and she will be completing with her degree this December. Planning a wedding and finishing up the last semester, that is a lot, but I know she will do great because she has someone amazing next to her, supporting her, encouraging her, and loving her, her fiance and very soon to be husband, Jim. They are just so smitten for each other. I had fun with them with this session (as well as the past sessions). It was a bit chilly that Saturday afternoon, but they hung in there. They're true Minnesotans! :) And of course, have each other to cuddles with! ;)

Again, I am so happy for you two and wish you guys all the best and more! XO


Carla said...

I commented on Amanda's FB status but I'm not sure you can see her stuff. You did such a great job with these photos. I love them! So cute!

Heather M. said...

awww, such sweet photos! love what they wrote on those hearts.

chewah said...

Super cute! Wish we lived closer to one another so you can take my photos! :D you do such a great job.

ginanorma said...

Really really great Jean!!!