Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Snap Shots.

Some weekend snap shots from thee weekend. . . From top to bottom. . .

  • The leaves are just so gorgeous. I wanted to keep them all. So pretties!!!
  • I adore looking outside our window. The colors still are so beautiful. We will not have many of these days left. :( Soon, it'll be brown.... then white!!! :) :)
  • A lot of snacking going on. A lot of running around as well. When to rest? Oh when?
  • Running around to places like the Home Depot. We live here part time on the weekend. Haha! It's like, never ending house chores. No, really! Never ending.
  • B was sharing his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu videos with his buddies until it kept stopping. We need to update our laptop.... I mean, it runs fine and works fine, but not with some videos... High Def stuff. But we're very thankful that this laptop has lasted us 4+ years. It's probably 6+ years old, too. Great gifts, can't complain.
  • Seeing these two girls play. Just missing one. They were playing some ship game.
  • And him, the newest edition to our family, Caleb. Auntie Lisa loves to bother babies and make 'em cry. I think she wantes another one? Baby blues... Just kidding. Love his head full of hair!!

    Well, busy week. Toodles friends. xo J
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