Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Pattern(s)
You have seen these cabinet doors before, but only when they're closed. Please excuse my messy cabinet of fabric. I need to re-organize my craft space that became Brady's brewing space as well. I love patterns on paper or fabric or anything. They just make me. . . happy!

2. Machine
This machine works wonders. It mows the lawn and mulches up the autumn leaves. It's a real time saver during this season! :) :)

3. Signs or Logos
Well, I have just been staying home for my hunts, so... here is a sign that I made at one of my little's birthday party awhile back. ;) I hang it in our dark basement/tv/entertainment room.

4. Rocks or Stones
I did a brief search around the home for Brady's rock collection from his childhood, but could not find it! :( This was the only one I found. I mean, what little kid did not collect rocks? I know I did. :)

5. Glitter
How many of you added some sparkle to your Halloween costume this weekend? How many of you will add some this week??

Alright folks. Those were my finds for this week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday!!!!!! :) I'll be busy today so maybe tonight, I'll hop over and see what folks have! :) xo, J


Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

Great shots, never thought to use a towel as a backdrop before, adds nice texture.

Barb said...

Hi Jean, I like that you found all your shots for the scavenger hunt without leaving your house and yard. No glittery costumes here, but I'm sure my Grands will have some.

hiflight said...

Great pictures. Flying is fun and what a view. Go to your local airport and take a ride. It will change your perspective. Keep taking pictures though.

Linda R said...

What a wonderful set. Your photos are amazing.

Seizing My Day said...

howdy... visiting late... love the paper crafting on your fabric door... he he... LOVE the music fabric... I need some of that! and brilliant idea to mow leaves! ha ha! ;)