Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

We sure have accomplished a lot this weekend around our home. Feels so nice! With that said, here are my photos for SHS!!! :D :D

1. Pink or Orange
This little boat that Brady and his dad made when he was little. So cute! The two of them are meticulous and so intelligent! ♥

2. Faceless Portrait
He mulched a ton of these this morning in our yard! He was able to collect eight bags, but I am sure it is not the end of it. I remember the first year when we raked... we had over a dozen bags of these!!

3. View from the Top
Troll watched me sort laundry and put them away. . . This was my view from the top of our bedroom stairs. I know, so steeeep. Hello down there!

4. Cozy
Our blankets. . . the one to the left, I made for him some Christmas ago. . . Love these fleece blankets. I even had the ends sewn so nothing can get on the inside... I know. I might have an issue... or two. ;)

5. Stacked
I had a few of these, stacked clothes. This stack will be put away in the hidden corner because they are part of my summer stack. I have a stack for my niece to pick out. And the rest will go on our shelves that Brady put up late Friday night! :D

So, there went my hunt. Remember, anyone is welcome to join. Takes place Sunday and closes Tuesday! :) xo J


Verna Lantz said...

"faceless" That one made me laugh. Great job!!

Stephanie said...

The Troll shot is really funny!

dsblanchard said...

You posted right after me today at Ashley's. I love your corner at the top of this post He calls me jeanyous. You are!

Holly said...

Ahhhh! I remember trolls! Love that shot!

Kathy said... that faceless portrait :)

Danelle said...

Love your interpretations of the prompts! Especially the troll at the bottom of the stairs. :)

Brooke said...

love your set this week.

Christine E-E said...

your faceless is priceless. how unique. i had forgotten about troll dolls. wonder where ours are?

Ida said...

Vey nice set.
I like your Faceless portrait and the View from the Top - Trolls use to be quite the rage.

Taylor Morgan said...

lol, #3 made me laugh out loud! I used to love those little trolls :)


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Janna Renee said...

Your faceless portrait is genius and I always love when you use the troll!

Laura Darling said...

I love the cozy one! Those blankets look so soft and warm!