Sunday, September 9, 2012

What a lovely weekend we had. I ended my Friday afternoon with my bestie and her two daughters over. I made the girls crowns while the bestie and I chit chatted. Pictures to follow sometime this week. :) B and I ended the evening with a sushi dinner at Osaka Sushi & Hibachi Restaurant, gifted from his mama. We sure love sushi. :) And finally, our last birthday celebration Saturday night with his mama. Boy, with all these birthday celebrations, I bet I gained about fity pounds. Yes, I meant to write fity. ;) Apparently, our Vikings did well on Sunday. All honesty, I was asleep. Allergies have been bugging me. B definitely knew something was up because I barely picked up my camera this weekend. Chest and sinus pains. Ugh. I noticed that other friend's and family's allergies have been bugging them as well. Hope you guys are recovering and getting rest.

Pictured above, B and I enjoying our coffee date at home early morning --watching our lawn get watered. Beautiful morning it was. Thanks for thee coffee grounds, Andrea ;) We like it! :D


ginanorma said...

have you ever been to the Blue Ox?

man i am in love with these pics, glad you had a great weekend, I am loving the weather!

Kristi said...

These pictures are full of longing for me - longing for fall and crisp, cool mornings on the (back) porch with a cup of joe. My favorite thing to wear has to be a hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and flip flops. It's just not cool enough here for that. SOON. ;)

Janna Renee said...

I love Sushi too! I haven't had any lately and I need to change that!