Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some Things Purple.

(Sorry I am a day late with this post).

Well, here are three things purple that I own. =D Pretty "big" deal. I must like purple.

I don't have much of this, but this is my "make up" bag. I put the few make up, hair brush, bobby pins, and "make up" related things inside this bag. Maybe one day I will share. Trust me, it's NOTHING to drool over or be curious about. My "make up" gear is very, very minimal. Like totally! ;)

My purple beach towel. Obviously, I don't use this at the beach only. I love it. Snatched it a few years back for five bucks at Target. Also got B a blue one. Love laying on my purple beach towel.

My purple sports bag... I bought it years back when I played soccer... Man, I must love purple.

Alright, again, sorry I am a day late. Been busy. But don't forget to check out what these ladies have for purple!! :) Jackie, Ellie, Hlee, Allison.


Jenna said...

I love purple, especially purple stripes :)

ginanorma said...


I actually really like that V.S bag!