Friday, September 28, 2012

Linked 52: Tools

Sometimes I use these tools to see. The itty-bitty screw driver to tighten up the screws to my glasses that I have had since I was 16 years old. But just about every day, I wear my corrective contact lenses. I like them a lot better. However, my vision at night is horrid. Just horrid and I especially dislike it when I have to drive in the dark... which I recently did and realized that my vision is worse at night now........ Does not help that I have ah-stig-mah-tism. *Le Sigh*

Yeah, so... it's pretty much a boring photo.... I haven't had the motivation to pick my camera up... But I didn't want to miss a day of Linked 52...... So there you go. You sure will see better photos here: ♥ Carla, Stacey, Tracey, Heather, Kristin, Janet, Amanda, Rose, Tracy, Rhonda, Lena, Heather A., Veronica, Heidi, Liza, Jenn , Kristi, & Hanne


ZeldaMom said...

Yes, driving at night is pretty bad, so much for me that I only drive familiar places. Makes the winter very long.
I really wish I could still wear contacts

stacey said...

I actually love the simplicity of this photo, Jean. It's lovely.
I am blind without my contacts or glasses!