Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello From My Little One.

also known as... My Canon Power Shot SD1400 IS. :)

PLANNER: I made a new planner in my grid/graphing notebook. I love graphing paper. Love. I also prefer writing my plans instead jotting it down in phone. You know that already, right? ;)

VILLAGE WOK: My family loves it here. I remember going here years and years ago... Late night Chinese food at the U of M -Twin Cities. A few of us went here one late night this summer... :)

CAMPING: I want to go one more time before it gets real cold. Want to, so bad.

TEA: Yes, I not only drink coffee, but tea, too! Enjoying a cup of tea while reading from the text.

FOLDER: I love this folder. The print and the colors, all make me happies!

ICK!: What is this? Gross!!! Weird!!!

HUH?: Found this tucked between the railing & house... So weird. Must have been the squirrels. Smells like lime... Some sort of fruit from a tree?! We have been seeing squirrels everywhere digging, so cute.

Yeap... those are just a few photos hanging out in my little point and shoot camera. ;) It was a bit difficult for some photos as I wanted to focus more on one thing than the other. But I remember how much I love this camera as it was gifted from a handsome someone. Also, it was only a year ago that I received my first big girl camera... and even before, people have always commented how great of photos I took. I guess, it really isn't the camera.. well, yes and no.

Have a great evening!! ♥ Jean.


Liza said...

Hello back. Fun pictures, Jean. It's to pick up a different camera from time to time. Gets one out of a rut.

Janna Renee said...

Always fun pictures! Interesting fruit...Huh is right!

ginanorma said...

so much fun I love these! my dad talks about the village wok all.the.time. amazing food, right?!