Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Let me be honest. . . On Sunday, I photographed for today's project and totally focused on the wrong color!! I thought next week's color was this week's color for some odd reason. Ugh. Well, I came home from work and scrambled a few black items. . . Hey, I still beat the deadline, right? I just wanted to complete things during the week so I can enjoy some down time on the weekend. Anyway. . . here are the items that got lucky! ;)

1. Coffee mug that my bestie gave me for my birthday this year. Did you already know how much I love coffee mugs? ;D I love this one --the writing inside the cup. The checkered handle, and the cute friends popping out! Sweeeet! Oh yeah, and you know I like my coffee black right? No room for sugar or cream. Well, when fall & winter hits, sometimes I like to go fancy & add a little taste, but not today.

2. I was able to squeeze in one pencil skirt this summer --as in sewing. I wish I could have done more, but things didn't work out that way, but it's okay. I am hoping to do more sewing this fall/winter. Maybe when I decide to wear this pencil skirt again, I'll do an outfit post. ;) Would you like that or no?

3. Headband. I like 'em. Very simple and cute. Sometimes, I like to think that I look cute, but most times, I know I do not. Bah-hum-bug. I'm used to looking all goofy. Blah!

4. B's wallet when he interned/worked there... I remember I would never say it correctly, so I would just say the acronym. It was like a tongue twister for me and I like to blame it on being tri-lingual (Hmong, English, Jibberish --haha). Ha- empty wallet because I am such an expensive girlfriend ---hahaha (I'm being sarcastic if you didn't know that).

5. His sunglasses I bought for him very many years ago (or so it seems). It cost me an arm & leg. I worked hard for this! :D He has kept so very good care of it. I mean, I go through like.... five a year. Luckily, I spend about $30 all of 'em, but still bad.... I could just have one good one... But I like a variety. :/ I'm picky like that. :/

Anyway, kind of in a rush to get some reading out of the text and all the fun school stuff.... Don't forget to stop by these blogs (Jackie, Ellie, Hlee, Allison) to see what they have for black. I know I haven't been doing great on reading blogs, but I hope to get to them all very soon, if not already. Have a fab week!!! ♥ Jean.


Liza said...

I have totally been into the simplicity of black and white on fashion and decor. Love these things.

Ieva Lasmane said...

What kind of project is that? Seems interesting!
I love those coffee photos <3

I would really appreciate if you checked out & maybe followed my photography blog <3

Mee said...

Love this post, because I'm a fan of black also. And I also take my coffee black!

Janna Renee said...

You made that skirt? Awesome!!