Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Riding Yellow.

I lof my bike. I searched from thrift store to craigslist last year. . . and I found it. A friend (Andrea R.) had messaged me about it and off B and I went one afternoon. To be honest, I was not fond of a yellow bike. Yellow bike just seemed too flashy, but man I was not going to pass that deal, the price was right, $38.55.

It was a nice stroll in the hood on this very summer afternoon. Just my bike and me. . . ♥

Let's see what yellow things these ladies found. :) ♥ Jackie, Ellie, Hlee.


ginanorma said...

I LOVE it Jean!!! Pics with you on it please!

Janna Renee said...

I need to take my bike out for a ride! Well, actually it's the hubby's, but maybe I should get a cute one like you!

Jackie Yang said...

I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alison said...

Such a great color bike. I would feel so proud to parade around town on that lovely.