Saturday, August 11, 2012

garden to home.

early on this week, i was craving for some greasy pizza. and that i just ate. . . along with a late night for chinese. yikes!! however it was nice when visiting his mom. she gave us some fresh veggies from her garden. me was sooo happies. sometimes i wish we had a garden of our own, but that would not work for a couple reasons: not enough sun light in our yard; we get so busy, no time; and with having my parents and B's mom with fresh greens & such... we're in good hands. plus, the farmer's market always have great deals and a great variety. we love them.

sooo, with eating so much grease the past two or so days, i was in need of fresh food. i baked some chicken strips and sliced it up with some organic mixed green from our grocery store. i cut up some basil & parsley from B's mom's garden and threw in some cherry tomatoes. we don't use salad dressing with our salads unless it was already pre-mixed (usually, not made by us). it was so delicious and i felt sooo good. when i don't get my veggies in, i start to feel icky. anyway, i am going to enjoy more salads this summer. hope you do too. :) :)


Carla said...

Love the picture with the tomatoes and the blue. Beautiful. My cousin has tons of tomatoes from her garden so we had kind of a caprese salad tonight. Mmmm. . . . love fresh veggies.

dollface said...

YUM, Caprese! I love love LOVE Basil, it's seriously one of my favorite herbs to cook with or add to anything. I just tried basil gelato for the first time a few days ago and seriously fell in love. I'd substitute this for greasy pizza any day (although, I fully understand the greasy pizza craving, haha)

Looks delicious. Such beautiful photography... well done. How has your summer been going? I wish I had someone close by to get some fresh (free!) produce from. enjoy!