Friday, July 20, 2012

Linked 52: Summer

Alright. I was a little confused for today's Link Up, I am assuming we were able to choose between summer and winter? Well, if that's the case then I choose S U M M E R for obvious reasons.

S U M M E R gives us more time to spend with our family and friends.
More sunlight, more time for fun.
Fancy drinks on the patio.
Visiting pretty places.
And long walks.

I am a little afraid of what Minnesota winter will look like this coming winter. . . (opps. let's not think about it).

Check out what the ladies have for Summer/Winter:
Carla, Stacey, Tracey, Michelle, Heather, Jenn, Naomi, Jessica, Kristin, Sara, Janet, Lesli, Amanda, Amanda, Rose, Tracy, Rhonda, Lena, Heather A., Veronica, Heidi, Amy, Andrea, Liza, & Kristi


Jenn said...

I assumed the same thing as you. :)

I love your words. That's exactly how I feel about summer but couldn't find the words to express.

Tracey said...

I chose summer too! These photos are perfect. I like that you like fancy drinks on the patio. :)

Simply Sara said...

haha! i choose summer too (especially because we get 8 months or so of winter!)

love the sky shot!

Life with Kaishon said...

Pineapple Coconut lemonade! That sounds divine!

ZeldaMom said...

Great pictures, drinks on the patio, long walks, yep, sounds good.
I totally agree about winter this year, I think we a due for a doozy.

Just Rhonda said...

Yep sooo many great things about summer!! I'd pick summer over winter too!

Naomi said...

Beautiful shots! Those beverages look yummy! Don't remind me of winter.....:)

Crystal Taylor said...

Fancy drinks on the patio! My favorite!

Janna Renee said...

I don't know what that Joia is, but it sounds like an amazing combo!!

Andrea said...

Those drinks look yummy! I bet the summers in MN are amazing, but I'll pass on the MN winters! ;)

ginanorma said...

Do you think it's going to be awfully bitter cold because we've had such a hot summer? oh dear.

cute pic of you two, so glad you are enjoying summer!

tracy said...

Love that first photo - looks so refreshing.