Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I spy some things GREEN.

Like these beautiful green veggies and fruit from the community garden.

My niece wearing a green tank top, in the green wooded foresty area at camp this past weekend.

Perhaps, Troll hiding under our tall green trees on our green lawn with his green hair, green eyes, and green belly. I ♥ Troll!!!

And our green guard dog. Beware!! Don't ever underestimate anything or anyone for its size. ;)

So, those were just a few green things I saw this past week. If you would like to join Miss Jackie and I for the next color, feel free. :) We would love your company. Just email me/her jeanyous@hotmail.com/jackieyang86@hotmail.com for details. Next week, we will be sharing the color YELLOW! :)

// edit // I would like to announce new friends joining in on this Color Project: Ellie and Hlee. :)

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firstmatechills said...

Jean, your photos are beautifully composed! I especially like how the enviornment that surrounds your subject speaks for itself. Can't wait to see more from you ^^