Monday, June 18, 2012

the things. . .

from this weekend. . . between the big girl camera and little one.

i had a day off and spent it alllll to myself. i don't care what anyone says, but as much as i love being around family & friends & b, i love a day to myself, for myself. i can sleep in 'till noon, stay in my "jammies" 'till 2pm, then get ready for the day whenever i feel like. some people should appreciate time like these more! i mean, however you want to spend your alone time.
hey! i got some housework completed. & went thrifting where i purchased 3 dresses (that i get to refashion).
i can be a lazy bum and still get work done! one would be impressed. :) :)

we gave b's mama a visit. :)

a few months back, i purchased tickets to the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest!!
live music. food. and of course, BEER!!! we were able to visit a few favorites! <3

family picnic. daddy came & left as anticipated. he had business to care for. a close relative, great aunt of ours had passed. when things like this come up, he is at the funeral, sun up to sun down.

b is so happy he was reunited with his frisbee. . . :)

the end.

hope you all had a fab weekend!
happy father's day to all the daddies!

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ZeldaMom said...

Great pictures, I love the chickens minus their heads.
Looks like a perfect weekend.
Days off all by yourself are the best!