Friday, June 1, 2012


Have a great weekend friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go have a happy spring weekend!!! I sure will!!!
My eyes are weighing me down, but I am trying hard NOT to fall ASLEEP before 10pm!!!
Going to grill as much as possible this weekend. In want of new grill recipes, open to suggestions. :)

photos from last night. . . Enjoy!

Really, I keep telling B about the book, 7 and how Jen Hatmaker would say her chicken was dry.... Wish I could share with her my so juicy chicken!
food-IMG_3913food-IMG_3915tgif-IMG_3916tgif-suscia-flower-pot-pantsFuscias make me so happy! Yes, they do!!! xo
Was so happy so get one at the Farmer's Market a few weekends ago. So lovely & do well in shade! ;)

After dinner, we go for our evening walk. . . . Do you??

tgif-wildflowersssssssssssssssssssLove wild flowers! xo

tgifIMG_3926Babe making music.... So cute.

tgif-IMG_3928My silly boy! xo

tgif-IMG_3940TGIF-B-AND-JEANYOUSUntitled-1tgif-IMG_3943And a good night from us. . .
Have a lovely weekend!!


ZeldaMom said...

You two are so sweet together, and (I saw a smile!!!)

Janna Bogert said...

Aww there's that chicken and wine ;) It looks like y'all had an amazing night!! A little jealous over here, as a matter of fact. Have a great weekend! xoxox

Carla said...

I love that you are wearing your Gopher gear. LOVE asparagus. I don't have a grill so I usually roast mine but I do love it on the grill.
I do love that Brady is such a good sport in all the photo taking. I tried to take a picture of my sister for 3 days on vacation and she was crabby with me and told me to put it away. I want a willing subject. :)