Sunday, June 24, 2012


that's how our first summer weekend went. just mellow.

however. . . we did eat out a lot this weekend. we haven't done that in sooo long! it was a bit ridiculous and we are feeling slightly guilty. chinese take-out from our favorite place. breakfast at our favorite cafe. and stopping by elsie's in northeast. it sure was delicious though! hopefully our walk will help, a little. we also had a few pints of ice cream. tons of iced tea and water. quite a bit of napping, too! :) we sure do love napping. we deserve it. we work long weeks. :)

the end to the weekend.


ginanorma said...

I NEED to get to Elsie's! At least I've been to Bryant Lake Bowl right?! haha

sounds like it was a lovely weekend Jean, I adore these photos, and what is that thing on the rock!?

ZeldaMom said...

You two are always on the go, that's great.
Do you try to pick new places most of the time (to eat) or do you stick to your favorites?

Jessica Renee said...

Aww i LOVE bowling!! and ice cream! haha. Sounds like y'all had a pretty perfect weekend :)

Vivi K said...

LOVE your photography! So sweet and beautiful!

Liza said...

Carmel macchiato ice cream, a serenade and iced tea. Sounds like the start of a wonderful summer.

Ester DurĂ£es said...

Fresh drinks for Summer, best thing ever!

Rubie Rosie said...

Beautiful photographs, the ducks look so cute haha :'D xx

Lilah said...

your photos are so beautiful! Seems like you've had some pretty good time :)
ps. Oh I'd love to try Starbucks' ice-cream, looks delicious! :)