Friday, June 8, 2012

Linked 52: Party

I have started party planning for my sweetest girls! I am so lucky to have them! <3 I have two months to plan, that should be more than enough time, right? I sure hope so.

Finally have an ideal theme. I had originally wanted to have a pirate theme party, but then I wanted to do this crafty thing. So, no pirate party this year! :/

With a theme in mind, I have started working on what we'll be crafting, games that we'll be playing --bring your bikinis, towel, & a few outfits! I have also started invitations. What they might look like. ;) I am so excited to work on them as well!!!!! :) :)

Soooo excited to party with my girls!! <3 <3

See what kind of party the ladies are having:
Carla, Stacey, Tracey, Michelle, Heather, Jenn, Naomi, Jessica, Kristin, Sara, Janet, Lesli, Amanda, Amanda, Rose, Tracy, Rhonda, Lena, Heather A., Veronica, Heidi, Amy, Andrea, Liza, & Kristi

Have a beautiful weekend! Hope you party on!!!


Liza said...

How cute is this!!! Have fun with the party planning. Sounds like a blast!

Jenn said...

I adore those invitations!!! Happy party planning. :)

ZeldaMom said...

Cute, can't wait to see more.

Heidi said...

What cute invitations!!

Heather M. said...

those invitations are SO cute! totally love them.

Tracey said...

Adorable invites! So impressed with your craftiness!

georgia b. said...

hello, jean.

thanks for your comment on my blog a short while ago. i was so glad you commented, because it is the reason i found your blog... which i absolutely love!

good luck with the party planning. i just had my son's first birthday party, and i only gave myself two weeks to plan a party for 48 people... which i so regret. i should have given myself at least a month of time to plan. i thing you are right on giving yourself two months. i say, you can never have too much time to do something if you want it to turn out like you envision.

your photos are truly beautiful and compelling. nice to "meet" you out here in the blogosphere.