Tuesday, June 19, 2012

last night's damage

from last night's storm.

i was awake during last night's storm (or early, early this morning, around 2-3am). i don't know how B does it -sleeps through it. at one point, i poked him to see if he could hear it. he heard, but didn't budge. he later cuddled me into him and i fell asleep only to wake up later from a nightmare! rather strange nightmare. . . the world was coming to an end!!! i saw buildings from afar getting buried from dust. buildings falling, my heart aching of sadness, confusion, and emptiness. all of a sudden, i see myself running into a building getting buried in sand. . . i was actually watching myself getting buried, you know how dreams work? you see yourself in third person. so strange. so sad. it was kind of hard to fall back asleep. no like nightmares. sometimes, it is even hard for me to fall asleep the next night! no lie.

what does that dream mean??

woke up to the humid air. . . and look what i see in our yard!!!

i thought it was some kind of joke, but i guess i found a few more of these in the yard. this one was in about an inch!!! crazy!!! glad it didn't hit anyone!!!

apparently, someone liked the stick though. good to know.

most damage in our yard!
i was being a sweet girlfriend and cleaned the yard since my honey bunny boyfriend works so hard for us! ;)

turned the news on this evening and sad to hear about our friends in the south. hope all is okay and are getting help.
there are such great communities out there! <3

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