Sunday, May 13, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I almost was not able to post this on a Sunday, though I know we could up until Tuesday. . . Close call! (If you keep reading, you'll see why). ;)

1. Sidewalk

Yep. This is the sidewalk we walk to get to and from the cars. . . The neighbors must hate us. Just another joy of owning a house. . . Don't you just love these little helicopters?

2. Inspiring

Thank you Stacey for sharing this. I have been wanting a new book to read and Stacey had mentioned one her instagram. I looked it (7 by Jen Hatmaker) up and already soaked into the little summary. I read a few paragraphs to B and he totally wanted to read it after I complete it. This book inspires me to not want to fall into that path. The things we have is enough. They are the things we need to survive. It just seems as if some people don't appreciate the simple things in life anymore. . . what people have been surviving on for hundreds of years before the fancy cell phones came out. Sometimes, I think some of us take life for granted.

3. Time

This is what time is was when I took this picture then headed outside to eat dinner with B. We walked back into the house and the power was off, it must have been about 8:20pm. We then headed out for a walk and a good chunk of the neighbors had their power out. It wasn't even raining! It was beautiful out!! (Luckily). The power came back around 9ish. Time, what did we do with it when internet, cable, technology wasn't around???

Not to mention, I love this clock!! When you plug it in, it automatically sets the current time for you. The settings on this thing is so cool, too!

4. Close Up

We didn't know what time the power went out because he was cooking this and I was reading. Take a good look at that! We love eating steak!

5. With Mirror

Love this view, not so much with me in the mirror though, but it's so cute. Can't wait to share what's on the dresser. That's for another post. Love my new little mirror.

Excited for next week's hunt! Hope I get on it sooner, but it's funny how things work out well even if it's last minute! :o)
Have a great week friends! :)



Janna Bogert said...

I used to have one of those automatic clocks and it was AWESOME. Then they changed the dates of Time change and the clock would be off for a month or so each time. Inconvenient, then. Haha.

ginanorma said...

adore your scavenger hunts! That book sounds interesting!


Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - I like your composition on time.

Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

Great shots! Love that mirror too.

HI Carter said...

What a fun set of shots! the close up one makes me hungry and that mirror in the mirror picture is super cute.

Barefoot Blue Jean Life said...

Beautiful photos. Especially inspiring.

A "cheery" disposition said...

fun photo post! That steak looks SO good right about now!!!

Christine E-E said...

boy! that steak looks yummy. and I don't even eat beef.