Friday, May 25, 2012

Linked 52: Temptation

Last week, I had mentioned Brady receiving a package in the mail, his gi. Well, here is a poor photo of it. Sorry, I had to hurry because he was going to class and I have been beyond tired these past few days. I know, poor excuse. . . Anyway, here it is:

Some of you know already know how a gi looks like because your son may be into martial arts.

For the last few months, Brady has been going back to his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) class. He hasn't been since 2003?! If you wonder what BJJ is, click HERE for a Wiki definition. And HERE is a post I wrote where Brady and I went to a BJJ recent tournament. ---And you wonder how this relates to temptation???

Well, of course!! If you're into BJJ or most sports, you probably want to be. in. shape. Something that I. Am. Not!! Not anymore!! And I am not getting any younger and I cannot eat as much as I want and whenever I want anymore!! :( With Brady back in BJJ, it encourages me to control my portions and work-out more. I will not lie, I LOVE EATING!! I cannot fully cut out any foods in my diet. Control. Control. Control. Don't fall into temptation of just eating because I. Want. To. You can see plenty on my blog and Facebook how much I love food!!

Ohhhh the temptation of wanting to eat for three! *Sigh* As long as it's only me, I can kiss those days good-bye. . . .

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ZeldaMom said...

Am I making assumptions?!

Amanda Kelley said...'s everywhere, I hear ya girl. You should see my pinterest board YUMMMY. I think I have more recipes for chocolate chip cookies than anything else on there, it's like I am magnet drawn to that chocolate! I keep telling myself I will get back into shape after baby #2, oh how I hope and pray I do!

Jessica said...

I love eating, too! Finding and maintaining control over what we put into our bodies is such a difficult and important challenge. Good for you for thinking about it, which is a lot more than most of us ever do.

Naomi said...

Eating sweets is my greatest temptation..well eating, in general. ha! Good for you of being conscious of it :)