Monday, May 21, 2012

9 memories

1. When my sister Diana opened the door for you on our first date, she had the butcher knife in one hand, hoping you scare you off, just a little.
2. When you didn't know what Hmong people were and the next day, you had all these information about the Hmong. Some stuff I didn't even know!
3. How spontaneous you and I can be with last minute trips by ourselves, with our friends, and family. Literally pack our bags, kiss the house good-bye for the weekend or night.
4. When we would drive to St. Cloud when you were in college (at St. Cloud State University) and driving by my sister's apartment at the time across the highway from Albertville Outlet Mall. . . we would call them so we could wave at each other.
5. My first time catching a walleye during our first camping trip together, alone.
6. The surprise birthday Brady and Diana threw for me; which I was very surprised!! A little upset, but now I laugh about it and am very happy. We still tease each other about this.
7. Setting up camp after Brady's uncle's wedding. Everyone else had rented a room, but we decided to camp. That night, the security guard on site and you found out you knew the same friend. Funny how small the world is.
8. That one cab ride home. Yep, that one! And if you know, let's just leave it at that.
9. That one time you decided to give me a piggy-back ride and we both fell over while you were running with me. . . I laugh so hard about this!

I don't know what leads ahead of us, but I do know that I cherish every moment in my life with the people around me.
I am so blessed to have wonderful friends, family, and support.
Love you guys! xoxo