Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday is here, again!

(Whether we like it or not). What a productive and relaxing weekend! :) B took his annual fishing trip with the guys and I got so much done around the house, it makes me really happy! :)

My sweet nephew made coffee for me one evening. . . he's 9 yrs old (I think). // I got my coffee shop coffee fix one morning. // I was able to dust a little because it was too cold for the windows to be open and I like to dust with windows open. // My sister was finally home after several days in the hospital for an illness. She is doing much better now. Thanks everyone for their concerns. We are so happy to have her back at home :) // Celebrated my sister's birthday since she was in the hospital when we had our family April Birthday Celebration. // Spent the night with the sis and woke up to this little handsome... Taking his morning nap! // Was so nice to get everything done by Sunday; which I slept most of the day... played with makeup and welcomed B home from his fishing trip.

Don't you just love productive and relaxing weekends?
I really wanted to clean both of our cars, but the weather was so nasty I did not want to be outside cleaning cars!! Perhaps, next weekend...
Happy Monday... I miss Weekend alreay! <3

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ginanorma said...

I love how your weeks typically are filled with family that is so special and quite beautiful Jean!