Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farm Love!

I like sunny days especially if I get to spend it with my loved one <3 Grey days are nice because house chores need to be done :)

Our picnic basket was packed with deliciousness and ready to go :) He drove us to this beautiful place (it was also a lovely drive). . . Our little secret from years ago. . . Melts my heart every time! Sometimes, I wish I had a farm . . . Wish.

The sky was blue and I just wanted to be with you <3

We love eating avocado (wrapped with imitation crab meat, pepper jack cheese and sriracha :)

Us being us. I love this man & I can't hide it! <3

And we paid a visit to the animals that kept staring at us while we were enjoying our picnic..

Just another adventure . . .
We like these kind of adventures a lot!
This is our little secret. . .
Can't wait until it warms up even more!!


Jessica Renee said...

Mmm your little avocado wrap sounds awesome! Y'all are seriously the cutest couple ever. I love little adventures with my honey too :)

Carla said...

You guys are TOO CUTE!!

ginanorma said...

Jean!!!! These are like my all time favorite adventures, I'm not even kidding. I want to get my camera when it gets warmer and just drive from farm to farm and take pics of animals and barns, oooh I love that...! Those animals, I would be in HEAVEN!

Stay tuned for a farm post from me:)

You guys are AHdorable!