Saturday, April 7, 2012

cooking in the kitchen

Meals I cooked this week. . . .

Obviously corn on the cob if you didn't know. . . Bacon wrapped with lettuce. No Mayo!

Farfalle pesto salad with cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, and mini mozarella balls.

flatbread pizza. . . just spinach and whatever cheese I found (haha); which I barely ate because of the news of my Grandma.

I barely ate Thursday -- Hmm. what did I eat? On Friday, I felt much better. Mommy and I picked up Asian Deli take-out after hospital visit and headed to their home where I spent the evening.

Besides eating. . . we too like to stay active. We can't run together because he is a foot taller than me. . . we have tried it once years ago, total whammy! I can't keep up! Too slow! We run solo, on different times. Now soccer, that's a different story. Other activities we enjoy together to stay active are our evening walks, frisbee, bike rides, and hiking.

What are some activities you and your special one enjoy together?


ZeldaMom said...

When we were young we took dance classes (jazz and modern) at Zenon Dance Company, we also used to roller blade when the kids were younger, now we just bike ride and walk with our dog.
Thinking about taking ballroom dance though, so we won't look stupid dancing at our kids weddings (providing any of them get married).
Those food pics look yummy and your grandma is cute.

ginanorma said...

mmmm you food looks SO good!!! I made lasagna tonight and it was delish. I might need that pasta recipe with the farfalle....;)

we like taking walks together with pooch nells, and exploring new towns!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

The pasta salad looks awesome!