Monday, April 2, 2012

Cabin Fever.

Yep! It's that time of the year! Yeah, you can head up north when there's snow... but I'm not talking about snow season anyway. Got home Friday after work and packed for the weekend. . . Weekend up north!! Who doesn't love a weekend up north?

I love flagstone paving!!!!!!!!!!

Cutest cabin I have been to! Melted my heart!! Thank you for having us, Andrea!!

Oh Romeo! My Romeo! Come down here so I can give you a BIG SMOOOOOOOOOOCH!

He was quite sad he couldn't make it up here! Sorry Micks, next time.

The puppies want to playyy!!!

It was a fun last minute adventure. Yep! Short on words. Catch you later.


ZeldaMom said...

Fun, I always love going "up north".
Hope you had a great time.

ginanorma said...

JUST lovely! I adore that precious cabin....LOOK at those cuties in that door!

Sounds perfect Jean!

Yee said...

<3 Cabin time.

Cindy said...

Your pictures are amazing! looks fantastic.