Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Blues.

What's that I hear?

Monday is here?

Oh boy. . . I don't think I want to come out there. . . I'll hide away in my little den. . . . and take a nap.

Note: As much as B and I would love pets, these are not ours. They're his mom's cat & dog. B is allergic to cats and some dogs.


Elle R. said...

awwww beautiful pics! I love your pets =)

ZeldaMom said...

I love the kitty under the door, I have two and they paw at each other, one on either side.
Bah for the allergies, my son's girlfriend is very allergic and he is just dying to get a cat.
(maybe they won't last....I didn't really say that ;-)

Amanda Kelley said...

I love the kitty shot, SO adorable!