Friday, March 23, 2012

Linked 52: Spring

. . . What a nice winter we had in Minnesota! We did not receive our typical snowfall, but I really don't feel all that sad. Do you?

This week has been a little wet, but all that rain will bring back some s u n s h i n e ! Last week was just beautiful and we took advantage of it! I did a lot of people watching. Can't wait to picnic and dine on the patios! And my own patio at home, of course! Not to mention, shorts & sundresses & wind in my hair! Sooo excited!!

Spring <3

Having a ball. . . flying f r e e !

This duo was too cute!

So sweet!

Spring also means, more people out and about. . . roaming the parks of Minneapolis. I will be one of them! =)

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Jenn said...

It feels so good to be getting outside more again! I love when you look out your window and see more people roaming around. Yay spring!

Just Rhonda said...

oh man the pair of those old men! That is funny!!! I love spring time!

Tracey said...

I love that first photo of the birds! You and Stacey both have commented on your mild Minnesota spring. Dining on the patio sounds so lovely!

LIza said...

These are so sweet! Is the man in the first one on skates, too? So funny.

Heidi said...

Those 2 old men crack me up! What a way to get around!

ginanorma said...

We were in San Fran for the week it was beautiful here, I heard it was FAB! Glad you got out and enjoyed it, look at those cutie pics you took!!! Haha adorable!

There is nothing more freeing than wind in your hair with shorts on and sunglasses ON!

Have a good weekend!!!

Amanda said...

I'm in MN too, Jean - hasn't our spring been fantastic??!! Really like your first image. :)

Kristin said...

what a wonderful spring! great shots!

sara said...

ahahahaha. that duo made me laugh too.
super cute!

Naomi said...

Im in MN too! Love how it just comes alive after a long winter! Love your shots :)