Friday, March 30, 2012

Linked 52: Planning

I love planning! (I guess because I like to be organized, too). It's so fun and exciting to plan things from what I am cooking, date night, a day with my nieces & nephews, to a vacation! I can plan for a solo outing to a party of 30+ people :) (I have a big family).

To the right is my pretty new planner. I think I've told you before. . . I have a problem about going through more than two planners a year. They can be sooo cute!!! (You can see my previous planner here). I'll probably go back to it in the Summer/Fall? We'll see. To the left is my little notebook. I jot things down. . . lists of things. . . meal plans. . . what to pack. . . plan stuff. . . all sorts of fun stuff going on in there! :) I also carry these writing utensils. . . They are my favorite pens! Pilot pens are my number one, though I wish they wouldn't bleed so much. What can ya do?

I am planning a few things. . . Top secret, too! I am excited to see faces and make memories! And spoil some very special loves of mine :)

My favorites. I plan with these guys!

Well, I'm off to plan. . . plan another great time. . . Whether I take a photo or not ;) Planning is needed!

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Have a great weekend! I hope you have a fun one planned :)


ZeldaMom said...

Wow, good job. I like this, so colorful!

jenn said...

I'm a paper planner too - and the importance of a good pen to plan with can't be minimized. :)

Heidi said...

There's just something about colorful pens and pretty notebooks that make me giddy. Sounds like you've got some fun things in the works!

tracy said...

love all the colors! i use lots of color in my planning too. and i love those pilot pens too. i found one that i love just as much... pentel energel pens :)

Amanda Kelley said...

Oh,oh----I love the colorful pens! I am one of the crazy--I have to have my own kind of pen girl!

Rhonda said...

I LOVE paper and pens. My hubby is always after me to try with the computer and Ipod... but I just can't get away from using paper and pens!

LIza said...

Those are VERY cute planners. I would say that I'm both a paper and techie planner. Paper for my blog posts and techie for everything else. Makes it easier to communicate to the MR while he's away.