Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Winter's Night

Last night was a wonderful night to enjoy free ice skating in the Capital City. It's totally free if you have your own pair of skates or if you are a Wells Fargo bank member. Thankfully, the both of us own our own as we like to hit the local park ice rinks. (But $2 for rental skates, not bad at all). The weather was perfect and the Winter Carnival was happening!

It was fun watching people skate and even witness a proposal!

After some holding hands while ice skating, we walked through Rice Park and walked towards the famous Mickey’s Diner. . . .

. . . where B enjoyed himself some Fish and chips! The fish was so delicious! And I enjoyed their California Bacon Cheeseburger :)

Finally, we've been wanting to come here for a long time now... Checks off the list. =)

I would have to say, I love Downtown Saint Paul!! I love, love the historical buildings and pavement stone sidewalks. So pleasing to me! One of my next adventure is to share with B the James. J. Hill Library. Growing up in Saint Paul, this was my favorite library :)

Happy Saturday!


ginanorma said...

LOVE Mickey's the blueberry pancakes are my fave! Can't believe you are in MN, so so cool to see my neighborhood on someone else's blog! Love it, great post!

Janna Renee said...

I love your nickname and I LOVE that you wear carhart....You must be a cool chick ;)

ZeldaMom said...

Good food, LOTS of lard!