Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap day!

First off, just wanted to say Happy Birthday to a special little girl, Vanessa! Vanessa turns three today! Well, 12 actually. Her mom has been a friend to the family forever now!

This leap day also brought us snow!! About three inches. Really wondered where this was for Christmas, but what can one do?

I was happy my preschoolers were able to enjoy the beautiful snow. One of the girls inspired me to make a snowman. She started rolling her big snowball, but it later weighed too much to roll any more.

I was happy to drive home and see the black roads and traffic moving smoothly. (Talking as if I get stuck in traffic -ha)! I get a little nervous driving on icy-snowy roads.

I was not excited to come home to shovel. This stuff is fun to play in, but not shovel, it's heavy! But I did parts of it, so I'm happy.

So that the mail man can come by and give us our mail bills. Bills that I do not mind to pay because I probably only have less than a handful to take care of!

I left the big part (driveway) for B.

B shoveling until our neighbor YELLED at him. He yells over his loud snow blower, "MOVE BRADY!" so that he could finish the end of the driveway for him. I love, love our neighbors! I love this feeling of neighbors! It's having neighbors like this make me love our home even more than I already do!!! I am so happy we picked this home, this neighborhood. <3 I still remember the day the two of us came to look at the home with the realtor. <3 Sweet memories....

THANK YOU, THANK YOU R & J!!! We appreciate it VERY MUCH!!

B had class after this, so it made it that much easier.

Alright. I guess I should get back to work. I hope every one made it safe home from work/school. I really hope this heavy snow DOES NOT put out our power! Please don't!! Thanks.

Good night friends.


Pang said...

Omg, your neighbors are so nice! Wish ours were like that.

Lovelyladyjb said...

Isn't great to have awesome neighbors! Makes you really love where you live :) THE snow was super heavy, but I think we'll be fine with the power, for now. ;)

eliza jane said...

stumbled to your blog. and your pictures are so pretty and clean! i loved them! yay for snow- not! i want spring!!!

Summer-Raye said...

SOO much snow haha. Happy Friday. xo

ginanorma said...

I know hasn't the snow been gorgeous!?!