Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lovely evening.

I don't buy much junk food at all. Sometimes I want to, but since I seldom do... I do not know what to get... So, I have been feeling raspberry lately.

He will play on his guitar, and I'll just watch, , , or dance, or do goofy things. But it annoys him and/or he looks at me weird, so... I'll just mind my own... I am so uncoordinated. This evening, I tried to play a few cords on my ukulele B bought me last year for Valentine's and it was total fail! Oh my goodness! So hard for my chubby fingers. How did I ever pass Piano I with an A??

Until then... dream about playing my ukulele. =) I will learn! Little by little. Good night!


Stephanie said...

Jean, you are so sweet to send that over my way. When I saw the hello kitty macarons I gasped.

Thanks so much for sharing!!!

ginanorma said...

hahaha feeling rasberry! good choice!

at my favorite health food store, they have Rasberry yogurt dipped pretzels SO GOOOOOOOOOD...

Jessica Renee said...

You and your honey are too cute! :) and omg I think I need some of those candies. Yum!