Monday, January 2, 2012

Bubble Tea!!

My first time having Bubble Tea was about eight years ago at the local coffee shop which was owned by my sister's in-laws... also known as, where I met B <3 Gosh, these are so fun to devour! And you can have many different drinks other than tea with it :D It took me eight years to finally make 'em. I no longer have to drive 15 minutes to grab some. I am so happy I do not have to drive all the way to they city to purchase the ingredients either! My local Oriental Market has the pearls AND straws :) And NOT in super bulky commercial size either :) Sooo happy me! :) It was a success! Both B and I enjoyed it ;D

They also have colorful pearls, too! However, I stuck to the darker ones this time ;)

I blended 2 cups of frozen mixed berries with a cup of simple syrup (water & sugar). I topped it off with whipped cream and cherry on top :)

In cooking, baking, or making beverages, I say, make your own twist or add your own touch to it ;D I do not always follow the exact recipe as I may not like an ingredient or two. And sometimes, I like to dress up my food/beverages :)

It was awesome because I adore these sisters (Elsie & Emma), and they too drink Bubble Tea. :) So fun! Next time, I can make 'em for my nieces & nephews when they come over... Or even better, I can bring it to them... as some of them already do make it at home w/ their family :)


Pang said...

yum. i loved the bubble tea place by the u of m campus in mpls, until they renovated that building, that place was closed for a long time. i've never thought about making my own. now you make me want to try doing it. =)

abby said...

i've never made bubble tea in my life, but i keep telling myself that i'm going to. it's funny because i've been craving it lately too! these are awesome and you're absolutely right about making your own at home. i want to make some thai tea with the pearls.

what kind of pearls do you recommend using?

Jean said...

Abby, I'm terrible. I threw the bag away that had the pearls in it. I just purchased whichever one was at the market. I just followed the cooking directions on the bag as well.

jozen said...

looks so delish! were the pearls hard to make? i remember my mom making them when i was younger and it seemed too take a looong time!

rebecca said...

this looks so yummy and kinda awesome. never tried it before.