Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What I'm loving -Bokeh Lights!

Mickey, Ariel, and Sebastian says Hello!

I am especially loving Bokeh Lights during holidays!
I encourage you to venture off and try to capture some. So preeettttty!
(might I add, this image was straight out of camera with photoshop color action. these bokeh lights were achieved with my kit lens 18-55mm).

And these cute little Mickey and Ariel & Sebastian figurines were given to me by my B during his internship while in Disney World (awhile ago). Yep, they're authentic :) He knows The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie as a child. And of course, we cannot forget Mickey Mouse!! :) :) Several of my nieces & nephews had asked to keep them. What do you think I said? :)

Good night, friends :)


abby said...

Beautiful. I first learned about Bokeh lights when my coworkers got into photography. It was the first thing that they learned. It definitely was awesome watching them experiment with different shapes too!

jozen said...

love it.