Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh, December!

It's starting to feel like winter! (Though the first day of winter is not until December 22nd). I hope the snow is here to stay. . . I mean, we don't get much snowfall anymore until after the New Year anyway. I mean, what Minnesotan wants Christmas with no snow??? ;)

Just wanted to say Hello to December, again. Because Thanksgiving was only a kick off to December Madness.

* Three of my seven siblings have a December Birthday.
* One niece's birthday.
* A best friend's birthday.
* Christmas parties.
* New Years Eve party!
* A special girls weekend.
* I'll be completing both schools. One for the semester, one for a certificate.

Overwhelming month, but all worth the stress and everything that comes with it <3

So much excitements! Oh, December... You bring me joy!


abby said...

Wow you've got a busy December. Hope all goes well. I mean I'm sure it will :)

Good luck on completing your sem and your certificate!

Take care!

jozen said...

wow girl! you are busy!