Friday, November 4, 2011


If you know me, you know how I just love to eat and that it is pretty hard for me to refuse food. . . Well, I didn't eat at all yesterday or today until now. . . I was trying so hard not to eat so fast as I usually do. . . hate when I bite the inside of my mouth. Big reason why my tongue ring only lasted a month, ha! Anyway, there's a bug going around . . . beware! I don't do flu shots, never! I have been quite a healthy person all my life. *KNOCK ON WOOD* Enough words. . . Here are photos for you to drool over! Happy Friday!

Monday night called for a movie and yes, rolls! B made it extra yummy!!

Finally made some pesto early this week! I want to add chicken + veggies next time. Sooooo good!

He cooked dinner (Quesadilla) one more time before he leaves for the weekend with the boys.

I am happy I can enjoy my weekend and not worry about spreading my bug to my friends and family ;) And so thankful B made sure I was ok before he left for work yesterday. So sweet! Alright, going to enjoy my night as the last two nights were not so fun. Have a blast weekend! And I hope this bug stops! I hate seeing kids sick, or anyone in that matter.



Jessica Renee said...

I Hope you feel better soon! And omg that food looks sooo yummy. Why do you post this stuff when I'm starving?! lol

Jean said...

Thanks Jessica! I am feeling better because I am not running to the bathroom yet, hahaha.

Amanda said...

HI there! Thanks so much for leaving some comment love on my blog (a life well lived)! The photos of that yummy quesadilla (??) are literally making my mouth water. Super adorable Halloween pics too - love the 'staches. :)

a, said...

mmm! the pasta and quesadila looks sooo good. i think i'll be making quesadilla for lunch! :)