Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A cold fall afternoon walk

to the park. Sometimes, I walk HERE alone and just enjoy the peace. And other times, I walk HERE with B. . . like today. I totally forgot my hoodie and mittens, I was cold. . . But I'm a Minnesotan, I can bare this weather.

Anyway... snapped a few photos.

Love this necklace. Gift from B's mom. It's sooo cute!!
The two photos above were taken with my Diffusion Filter; which I am not fond of. I really liked that picture that the store displayed of it... but like I've read, I can already use photoshop for this. It was a waste of twenty dollars. I should have just gotten a plain filter to protect my lens... Ohwell, you live, you learn.

Without the Diffusion Filter:

Next time, I will bring my tripod... =)
I fall in love with this boy over and over. He gives me butterflies. . .

I absolutely LOVE his BLUE EYES! They are so beautiful! I just want to squeeeeeeze him over & over. And I loooove him so much! He's my handsome <3


Good night, and stay warm <3


Pang said...

you're so cute. i love your camera necklace. so cute.
oh, and brady's eyes. wow. i never noticed how blue they were until you took this photo of him.

chewah said...

Your overalls are super cute! Love the pics too. I'm jealous that it looks nothing like fall here. Raymond and I took the kids out for a walk over the weekend too and it looked just like any other summer day. :/

Jean said...

Pang, if we EVER have children, I hope them to have black hair, blue eyes :) :)

Chewy, it's soooo cold now!

jozen said...

love all the colours!