Wednesday, October 19, 2011

T i m e . . .

It's that time of year again. . . but this year, it started early, or wait. . . I'm not even sure if it ever ended. Where has time gone? It's coming way too fast. Some things I want it to slow mo' just a little bit. Other things, I want to fast forward.

I am enjoying every bit of it (time) especially because this certificate that I currently am pursuing -full load. It is about a five month course containing four classes. And if you know these kind of classes go by quickly meaning loads of homework meaning I partially do not have a life! Not to mention, a normal class at the community college that has a better pace, not too overwhelming. I cannot wait to be done. As much as I love school and class discussions, I am not a fan of some classes and some of the teaching styles because we all do have differently learning styles. Both young and old.

So, time... Around this time of year, there was my brother's 21st birthday. I can finally buy him alcohol! Really! And Yep, I am that uncool sister :p ;)

And time, time to get busy again. Halloween. Weddings. Hmong New Year. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Birthdays and not to mention, having about half a dozen birthdays to celebrate in December -with the majority being siblings :D New Years. A whole lot of craziness. The kind of craziness that fuels me up. The kind of craziness that gets me excited and anxious. The kind of craziness that will only get more crazy as the family grows! I love this kind of craziness! And I love all that is involved!

We will have a good time. A darn good time!!

T i m e. . . is it ever on our side?


jozen said...

great post and I whole heartedly agree! where is the time going?

Dirt On The Rocks said...

Oh man your Fall and Winter is going to be super busy. Hope everything falls into place and doesn't get too crazy :)

Emkae Elle said...

i am right beside you on that. time is ticking a little too fast. :( not enough time to sit back and enjoy it.