Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It was our first time making meat loaf together. Last night, I prepped the meat loaf. In the meat loaf was a pound of ground beef and pork (of course you can use any meat you want), a meat loaf seasoning mix I purchased, two eggs, quarter cup of ketchup, and half cup of chicken stuffing. It was a quick fix as I was craving meat loaf and have not be able to have much time to cook us a real dinner for a while, which I feel terrible about. B also made mashed potatoes. Love that we like our potatoes skin-on and chunky. Chicken gravy on top of it all and delicious french bread from the bakery! He is the sweetest, had every thing ready for me to eat by the time I got home from work :) And a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, another thing I haven't had in awhile.

What is your favorite meat loaf recipe? And if you're a vegetarian, do you make any kind of veggie loaf?

Now, I must go back to typing up papers and reading. Yay! Really excited for December. . . . Finals and classes to be over with! *Sigh*

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY DEAREST BEST FRIENDS <3 PZK <3 LOVE YOU!! It still feels like we are only twelve years old! :D


Yours Truly said...

I've never had meatloaf before. But it looks so good. And I love my potatoes chunky with skin too. :)

Emkae Elle said...

love your photos. :) are you planning to photograph on the side ?

just tututiny said...

This photos came out amazing. I don't eat meatloaf - never had a chance to try it and I am still drooling over these pictures ;)

Thanks for sharing.