Wednesday, September 7, 2011


That is the last time I blogged. A week ago... How terrible, right? Well, it's not like I have much readers anyway :( Or do I? :)

Anyway, I have been busy packing . . . . packing on the p o u n d s that I should not and do not need. . . Oh well. I have to use all these gift cards I received from my birthday. I mean, I do. love. food.

My cute lil' five year old niece, Nitha treated me to dinner for my birthday <3 Wood-Grilled Scallops, Lobster Tail, & Shrimp on a bed of Wild Rice & French Fries at Red Lobster. B enjoyed their Endless Shrimp for a good deal, $15.99.

That's all folks! My calendar is getting full.


Carla said...

Well now I'm hungry. I sure could use some cheddar biscuits. :)

Jean said...

Is it sad that I didn't even finish my wild rice OR french fries? I JUST HAD TO GET french fries!

Jessica Renee said...

Oh YUM Red Lobster is the best! :)