Monday, September 19, 2011

New Weekend Fun.

Short on words. Been hitting the blankets early, like serious.

Photos, here they goes. . .

Purchased two tickets for B and me to attend the Autumn Brew Review 2011 in Northeast Minneapolis... here are the photos I captured {Saturday, 09.17.2011} :D

I love music. . . B said they were only missing a Spider Monkey ;)

I would love, love a van like this!

B and I have been attending the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for the last few years and wanted to share with family. . . This year, my mommy, grandma, and little sis went for the first time. I am glad they had fun! Mommy & Grandma are so cute!! It was also the first year we attended that had rain... on and off sprinkles. Not bad, we still had fun and a lot of laughs. And, , , the first time we sat for any shows. Great shows!!

Me with Mommy, Grandma, & B's mom. I really, really wish all my sisters were there :(

My intentions were to have half a turkey drumstick, but Grandma only wanted a piece... That was so much work to eat the rest. Goshhhh.

No one in the crowd loved juggling as much as him! He is soooo hilarious! And full of talent!!

Made it to my first jousting!!! Our Jacob won!!! Goooo Jacob!!!

Puke & Snot had me falling off my seat! Oh dear! They are soooooooo hilarious! I am so glad my sixteen year old sister did not understand their adult jokes. Love her innocence!

And of course, we cannot leave the Renaissance without showing them the Vegetable Justice! Hilarious!! You throw tomatoes at the person in the holes... He is saying stuff at you... he doesn't mean it, but it's all in fun and games! So funny, though none of us has tried it. . . :D

I always enjoy going to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I always have fun! And the pawsome part is. . . you can bring your pup as long as you register him/her :) And you can dress up :D

(photo from RenFest2010)

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