Thursday, September 29, 2011

Home cookn`

I grew up in a family that cooked our meals from scratch every day. . . B and I continue this tradition. We wait for each other to get home from work and cook for each other and sometimes, a lot of times -cook together.

For dinner last night, he cooked me Salmon that he marinated in soy sauce, maple syrup, cracked black pepper, and love. I love fresh cilantro and green onions!! I enjoyed this dish with his homemade beer :)

After finishing up an assignment and before going to class, I made homemade pizza!! I love tons of onions!! I also added spinach and sausage! I had this with milk. Milk! Can you believe it? I drank milk! I seldom drink milk, no chocolate milk either. That's even worse.

How often do you cook meals at home?


Sandy a la Mode said...

me and my husband are the same!! we love cooking together.. but sometimes one is more ambitious than the other on certain nights!! wow, your food looks amazing!

Pang said...

yum! i looooove green onions and regular onions too! =)
i cook at home everday, but i don't have the time to make such good yummy foods like you do. =(

Jean said...

@pang, i make time for it. it's all the art i get sometimes. i need my art!

@sandy, thanks.

jozen said...

um, i am drooling all over my keyboard right now!