Monday, August 1, 2011

Up North, Minnesota

As much as I love be away from home, I am glad to be back. First off, I'd like to thank Brady's Aunt Judy & her family for allowing us to use their cabin for the weekend. It's always so nice to be up there. We had a lot of fun and a lot of mosquito bites! Thanks, thanks!

(warning: photos and photos and photos and more ahead -enjoy).

we stopped by in garrison to stretch our legs and met a big walleye paul bunyan caught with the help of babe the blue ox. babes are the best <3

there were a ton of these! so fun to catch and adore.

finally drove! first time, although i was probably going like... 15mph! hahaha!

me, being me... =)

a lot of sunnies & small mouths.

this was taken at his other aunt's cabin nearby (Aunt Barb & Uncle Mike).

love reflection of the lake...

Yummms! Fresh fruits & veggies!!

this involves patience and a good camera in which i only have one of the two. but my camera did pretty good. i was standing a yard from all this, inside though.

. . . and a collage =)

I love it Up North <3

And, Happy Monday. Happy August. August is going to be super busy! Birthday madness! More Family vacation! I can see August flying by already like whoa!


Dirt On The Rocks said...

aww looks so nice and lots of fun. you look fantastic too! i'm loving all the scenery. the food looks super yum

Pang said...

i love all your photos. cute watch too!

Jean said...

thanks ladies.

pang, the watch has fake diamonds around it. purple-ish pink in the sun... and white when not =)

thanks abby, pictures are so deceiving, even if i don't photoshop myself, lol

Ashley Sisk said...

Look at all the fun you're having. I love that spiderweb!

Jean said...

Ashley, it was a lot of fun! It was hard trying to capture that spiderweb especially because of the sun and the type of camera I have, the lovely Point & Shoot Canon SD1400 IS.

A. Jarrett said...

Love your captures!