Saturday, August 20, 2011

Three Miles of Green Beauty

The other day B and I went for a Three Mile Drive at the MN Landscape Arboretum. I LOVE it there! I wish it could be my backyard and I could roam around free. . . =) It is so peaceful and lovely <3

The tree was struck by lighting and they turned it into this. . . Just beautiful!

Beauty is hidden right in front of you!!

Ready to get lost? Lost in tall, tall green bushes?

I thought I saw a white little rabbit. . .

. . . but it was a boy, trying to find his way out from the dead end.

Eventually, we made it. . . =)
It was so nice to see many families gather after a probably long day of work... to come here and spend special time with the people they love most <3 Picnics under big, big trees. Working as a team to find the way out of the maze. Watching couples take self portraits. Pure simplicity <3


Dirt On The Rocks said...

This is just gorgeous! We have an arboretum in the area but not really close by. Hope I get to go someday. This is lovely and just so peaceful

Jean said...

this was probably our 2nd time in two months! we went on the day & time when it was FREE. even better =) you should visit yours. and try to find free dates/times available.

Jessica Renee said...

It looks so relaxing there! I Love all your pictures! :)