Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunsets in the afternoon...

For his birthday, I took him to Sunsets for lunch. The patio is gorgeous --the lake view as well! We also liked the trains coming by, we had three while our visit. That was super neat!

My first Bloody Mary!!

Birthday boy had: Wild Rice Soup, Sandwich (forgot what kind-whoops), and chips. I love wild rice soup! *drools*

My dish: Atlantic Salmon w/ rice & veggies! It was delicious!

Happy Birthday, B!! . . . .down on the dock.

Sunsets has breakfast, too! I love their menu, it's has lots to choose from: steaks, stir fry!! burgers, pasta!! It won't be my last visit. =)

(( Also, this is my 100th post. Sweeet! ))


Pang said...

you're such a great gf! the food looks delicious. at first i thought you were talking about the restaurant in woodbury, but then, i saw the dock and water, and was like, no, thats not in woodbury. lol

Jean said...

Pang, I think Maplewood is their other location.
& Thank You.

Dirt On The Rocks said...

Happy Birthday to your love! Also great pictures what do you use to take the photos? Loving the scenery! Seems like you guys had a fantastic time!

Jean said...

Abby, all the photos in this post were taken w/ my new dslr, the t2i. I've had it for about two weeks maybe?! Not that long. Still learning it. Otherwise, I have used my lovely Point & Shoot Canon SD1400 IS.