Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My New Friend Needed a Home

So. . . I needed a home for my new friend. I searched and searched for a home online, but the one home I really wanted was out of stock until mid September. For now, my new friend has to settle for its old, new home =)

Materials: I had all the materials, but the foam & velcro. I didn't follow step-by-step, but I did this with the visual help of Tales of the Wife. Thank you, Thank you! Go check out her blog -Tales of the Wife. I love how she was a Science Teacher, now stay-at-home mom =)

I was in need to get a home for my camera, but didn't want to settle for the typical, black camera bag... it so reminds me of Daddy and his fanny pack (ha)! I can't wait to get one from Epiphanie or even Kelly Moore. We will see what my heart decides when time comes. . . =)

I spent about $10 on the materials (velcro & foam).
I had the purse & fabric laying around.
I used my sewing machine.
I spent about 30 minutes to put together the foam protection thingy =P
I had to hurry so I could carry it with me just about everywhere & anywhere I go =)

Alright, have a good evening!


Dirt On The Rocks said...

this is actually a chic innovative way to store your camera! love it !

Carla said...

I do carry mine with me about everywhere I go but I do not have a cute bag. Was thinking about asking for one for Christmas. Cute idea. What kind of camera did you end up getting??

Jean said...

Carla, I went w/ the T2i. I didn't want to spend more than a grand on my first one. I've heard great reviews on the T2i from photographers I adore... So, this was the best fit, price & experience. I want to work towards a 7d or 5d :) Brady & I are having fun w/ it. It sleeps besides us :)

Thanks Abby. I really like the ones from the websites I linked... They are water resistant, not my DIY! It was a quick $10 and purse that I already had lying around, LOL! It's doable until they have one in stock that I like.

Carla said...

She needs a name. Mine is named Lucille. She's like another child. Sad that I would already like an upgrade.

Jean said...

LOL! I'll let Brady name her... Or my mom --since she has a big impact on it :) Or wait... even better... like my siblings do.. In my case, Brady & I can give her the American name, and my mom will give her the Hmong name. Serious.

Jean said...

Oh yeah.. Carla, you should have done the BestBuy buy back thingy. I am sure yours will resale fine. Which one would you get?

Cindy said...

Love it! And yes, it's me Cindy...I'm following you on two different accounts because that's how much I LOVE your blog! :)

Jean said...

Cindy, facebook and blogger? :)
Wish I could make it out to Nyab Peter's Show!