Saturday, July 9, 2011

Relaxing Summers Evening

With the past week being so busy and not having a day to just chillax... Brady and I decided to skip Happy Hour on the rooftop, instead we played games on our deck and enjoyed ourselves a few cold beers (which I haven't had in how long? haha). It was so gorgeous out! I love our little house under big beautiful trees that shades us so well!

I seriously won NO games, but a coin toss for Connect Four to see who goes first. I even lost at Rocks, Paper, Scissors; which I usually always when with him... Grrr! After many rounds of losing, we went for a nice walk in our 'hood; which we haven't done for awhile too since I cannot stand the humid air.. not only that, I am one of those people that can get crazy nose bleeds (thanks Daddy for giving me that). Although, they've gotten better... *KNOCK ON WOOD*

At night, we love to watch Netflix! I skipped out on the first movie and Brady was wondering what in the world I was doing in our hallway. . .

Told you, I work anywhere around the house... (like here and here). Party planning ;) And I cannot wait!

Anyway, I should probably take a nap before I am not allowed to as the day is going to be a busy day! :)

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